This December teams from around the world will come to London to design new disability innovation products and servies. 

The Enable Makeathon 2.0 is a unique social movement. Challenges and solutions are crowdsourced to bring together disability, innovation, entrepreneurship and technology. Concurrent events will take place in London and Bangalore.

This intensive innovation programme will slingshot ideas from ideation to action in a span of 90 day. Co-creation, expert guidence and collaboration will push ideas through the development, refinement and testing phases. The best will then be incubated and the winners given the opportunity to scale up their ideas. 

The Enable Makeathon uses sector leaders to support teams and develop new products in a multidisciplinary, collaborative way. 

The co-creation camp begins on Wednesday 6th December. 

Tarun Sarwal, Innovation Advisor, International Committee of the Red Cross said:

“The first Enable Makeathon held in Bengaluru, India last year led to the establishment of some great new products which Red Cross can now test in the field, helping to meet real need in conflict and post conflict situations. This year we are delighted that the GDI Hub team, with Richard Frost, are going to be running Enable Makeathon 2 in London, concurrently with the Indian event, launched at the Houses of Parliament on the 4thDecember.'

The Enable Makeathon 2.0 in Lonodn will be delivered by UCL and the GDI Hub, in partnership with International Committee of the Red Cross.