The programme will focus on three themes:

Inclusive City Living:

Innovations that create inclusive, accessible and affordable homes for all of us, including older and disabled people.  This programme will re-think inclusive housing design  of the future

Assistive Technologies:

Innovations around low cost, ubiquitous, scalable and high-impact  assistive technologies  that can make a positive impact on the lives of disabled people around the world

Big Data & Analytics:

Leveraging big data and analytics on open and proprietary datasets to have a positive impact on the lives of disabled people around the world


Plexal, based at Here East on Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, help large organisations improve and accelerate their innovation by bringing them closer to start-ups - helping them accelerate their own development and get access to large organisations.

Plexal operate Europe’s largest innovation ecosystem.  It offers a global hub of talent, investment & opportunity where Olympic sized ambition flourishes alongside community values and global commerce to rapidly accelerate the sourcing and development of innovation.



Working together in Partnership

Both GDI Hub and Plexal focus on bringing together a diverse range of partners to create new and innovative solutions for their target markets.  GDI Hub includes partners from the world of academia, the arts and the not-for-profit sector and it ensures that disabled people are at the heart of its activities, while Plexal’s strength is its relationships in the corporate and start-up world.  Both organisations are committed to ensuring that Here East and Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park become a world-leading centre for creative and innovative activities.


Call to action!  

If you are a large and established business and want to explore innovation for a growing and valuable market, or if you are a start-up with potential applications in the disability market or if you are a disabled entrepreneur and innovator, contact us today!