Our call for papers is now live. We're looking for papers, projects, ideas, experiences and innovations to feed into our Disability Innovation Summit. We particularly welcome submissions from disabled people, innovators, young people and collaborative groups.

Submissions will be used in the following ways:

-          The most pioneering, interesting or life changing submissions will be invited to present to the Summit

-          We will select panel members and break out leads from entries, with an emphasis on creating diverse inputs

-          Submissions will help form the bases of summit breakout sessions including co-design workshops and problem solving  

-          Video, poster displays, artwork or exhibition pieces will be selected to display at the Summit.

Submissions can be academic, ideas or experienced based, in the format of a paper, video, poster display, artwork or an exhibition. Papers should be no more than 7,000 words in length. Entries should be focused around technology, innovation, co-design and collaboration. Papers should be written in an accessible style for policy and practitioner, as well as academic and community audiences.

We encourage entries from all areas of the GDI Hubs work, including:

-          Assistive Tech

-          Disability Inclusive International Development

-          Inclusive Design, Arts and Culture

-          Accessibility of the Built Environment

-          Disability Sport

-          Corporate Social Responsibility

Proposals will be reviewed by the GDI Hub disability board, academic board and Hub team. Winners will be announced of the 31st March 2017. 

Following the summit papers will be made available as an open access resource in the UCL library and via the GDI Hub website.