This week has been a big week in the world of being disabled as Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) has released a report which is based around six key areas of disabled people’s lives, they cover: Education, Work, Standard of living, Health and care, Justice and Detention and Participation and Identity.

The whole idea of the report was to make government aware to the problems disabled people face throughout their lives and how the ever changing laws and rules have a huge impact on them as well.

In other news this week has also been Parkinson’s awareness week, we are encouraging people who live with or care for relatives/friends with Parkinson’s to visit the website and have your say on how it’s affected you, what you would like to see changed in terms of better treatments and what would a cure mean to you? By doing this you can help to make a difference.

The summit call for papers is coming to its deadline tomorrow so a huge thank you to everyone who has submitted their work, our academic board will be reviewing these shortly and will contact participants in due course so watch this space!

Car giant Toyota has released a new innovative piece of assistive tech to help partially paralyzed people walk.

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