There’s been a lot happening this week! The GDI Hub team went along to the Office for Disability Issues hack today, a great way to share ideas and learnings. We’ve also been planning for our first ever Disability Innovation Summit, coming in July. Watch this space for more information.

This week prosthetics have been making the news, with international innovations and access driving the way. We loved the story about a new mobile prosthetic centre that has been reaching rural communities in Cambodia – taking servicing equipment and expertise to the user and supporting over 500 amputees in the last 6 months. A great example of how a simple idea can make a huge difference.

There’s also been news that additional funding is helping children access specialist limbs which enable them to take part in sports activities and play instruments that were previously inaccessible to them.

Access has continued to be a real focus, with some interesting articles about the progress that major companies have made throughout 2016. We look forward to another innovative year ahead, where inclusive co-design can lead the way.

Over the last week we’re also seen Google pay homage to Ed Roberts, on what would have been his 78th birthday. The pioneering disability campaigner was featured in the Doodle on Monday with an artwork of the activist giving a lecture.